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Research & Community Development

ICDR has conducted researches in different fields of Education, Special Needs Children, Health, Economic and Social Development.

In Education:

  1. Higher Education in Bangladesh: Status, Issues and Prospects.

  2. Transition from pre-school to school: Enhancing early literacy and preparedness.

  3. Action Research on Virtual Exclusion in Government and Registered Non-Government Primary Schools in Bangladesh.

In Special Needs Children: 

  1. Facilities and Accessibility for Special Needs Children in Primary School in Bangladesh.

In Health:

  1. Stress and Anger to Increased Workload: Effect on Health Professionals in Bangladesh.

In Economic & Social Development:

  1. One Belt One Road (OBOR): The influential role on the economy of Bangladesh.

  2. The Security Challenges of the “One Belt One Road” Initiative: Conflict Prevention and stability Operations.



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