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School Education for Ethnic Minorities

We have started the project ‘School education for Ethnic Minorities’ for providing better prospects for the ethnic indigenous children in Chittagong Hill Tracks Area. This region is home to eleven ethnic groups e.g. Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Mro. The project is located at Bhaibonchara Unioin in Khagrachari Sadar Upazila. As the Hill Tribe children cannot get access to schools, the literacy level of the indigenous population is low (27% in 2013). There is an urgent need for education of the coming generation to give the Hill Tribes and their culture some hope for the future. In response to this situation, ICDR (Integrated Community Development and Research), together with its local partner organization ‘Shiksa Unnayan Sanstha’ constructed and setup a primary school named ‘Hamachang Primary School’ in 2019 at Hamachangpara of Bhaibonchara unioin in Khagrachari Sdara Upazila as there is no school within 8-10 kilometers areas. They have to go to long distance for schooling. At present there are 88 students and 4 teachers in this school. This project also includes services to support community development, health care and income generation.

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