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It is an honor and privilege to introduce Latest Design & Developments Ltd. Bangladesh is a place of enormous opportunity for Infrastructure Development, as well as the development of both new and existing industries. Latest Design & Developments Ltd. is involved in a variety of industries including Infrastructure development, Construction, Real Estate, Hospitality, and Agriculture and builds 11 Hindu temple over Bangladesh.

The Journey of Latest Design & Developments Ltd. goes back to 2010, when a sole proprietorship firm called Lothfor Design and Developments ltd. A few years later, in 2005, The Liberty design & Developments was formed into a limited liability company, and then known as Latest Design & Developments Ltd. Fast forward multiple decades, while continuing to develop the nation; the company was officially rebranded as Latest Design & Developments Ltd. (LDDL) in 2010.

LDDL also Business Partner with NIKO Constriction (SDN) BHD at Malaysia.
As of today, with the hard work, devotion, and commitment of all the members of LDDL, multiples organizations were created, such as Latest Design & Developments Ltd.
My goal and vision is to contribute to the ongoing economic and infrastructure development for Bangladesh. I want to create more job opportunities for my people so that we can become a middle-income country.


Shyamal Chandra Saha Bhuiyan

Managing Director
Latest Design & Developments  Ltd.


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